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Call Barring:

  • This Service allows you to prevent outgoing or incoming calls from or to your line. You can also prevent local, international or roaming according to your convenience.
  • How to get this service
    This service is already enabled on your headset, you just need to activate this service through calling our customer service to give you the password of the Call Barring.
  • How to activate this service
    To activate this service according to your convenience:
      - For all international calls                   *331*(password)# OK
      - For all outgoing calls                        *33*(password)# OK
      - For all incoming calls                        *35*(password)# OK
      - For all incoming calls while roaming    *351*(password)# OK
      - For all international calls to Yemen    *332*(password)# OK
  • How to deactivate this service
    To deactivate this service just enter the same command you entered for activation and it'll just deactivate.

  • How to change the password of the Call Barring
    To change the password of the Call Barring just enter the following command:
    **33*330*old password*new password*newpassword# OK
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