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  • Super CLIP Service:
  • • The Super Clip service allows you to identify all incoming calls with their time and date when your mobile is switched off or out of coverage or in case of no answer.
  • • The short messages that you receive include the number of the received calls in case many calling attempts are made by a specific number.
  • • When receiving the first call, you will receive a message that contains the number of the caller in addition to the time and date of the call. If the calls are repeated by the same, you will receive another SMS containing the number of the caller and the number of calls during that time. The same applies to every new calling attempt.
  • • To start using the service, you need to divert your incoming calls to 102 by using one of the options in your mobile handset menu.
  • • This service is free of charge for all "Y" subscribers.
  • o For all incoming calls: *21*102# OK
  • o In case of no response: *61*102# OK
  • o When out of reach: *62*102# OK
  • o When busy: *67*102# OK
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