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  • Voice SMS Service :
    • o Now you can send and receive a voice SMS instead of the normal text which adds more fun to it.
    •  This service is very easy to use, directly insert the command by adding star (*) followed by the mobile number you wish to send to and then press OK, then you will be directed to record your voice message.
    • As an example: *700xxxxxx
    • o Please note that you are able to record 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds the call will be disconnected automatically.If you have recorded less than 30 seconds you may disconnect at any time.
    • Retrieving the Voice SMS :
      •  Call *0* to listen to your new messages. If you wish to listen to a new specific message call *0*x (where "x" is the message number) For example: *0*3 (then message number 3 will be played)
      •  Call *1* to listen to any stored Voice messages in your Voice SMS inbox.
      •  Call *0* enables you to listen to the new messages which is free of charge for the first time.
      •  New messages automatically replace old ones, storing only 10 messages.
      Price of this service :
      • YR 3 for prepaid lines
      • YR 3 for postpaid lines

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